Dead Men Left

Monday, August 28, 2006

Coming over here

Back, after a considerble delay, partially extended by John Reid, who from reading your funny English press I now see is going to be the next Prime Minister.

Aside from all that, am mildly puzzled by sudden accelaration in UK economic growth coupled with sudden desire to deport Poles. There are few compelling reasons to think British capitalism's sudden up-turn in growth is anything other than the product of the EU's immense free gift of 600,000 trained workers. Leave aside the alleged effects of World Cup euphoria, strip out North Sea oil, and it is clear the boost has been provided by service sector output: precisely the sector where the physical location of labour matters the most. Sustained by historically cheap short-term borrowing, demand for services has propelled the UK economy forward once more.

But no matter. I see forthcoming Romanians and Bulgarians are evidently Bad People, and doubtless unable to integrate properly. Apparently rather like this:

Our borders are being overwhelmed by migration on an unprecedented scale. Many of these migrants are failing to integrate with their host communities. Some do not even bother learning the local language. Local services are struggling to cope with the influx. Worse still, the UK government seems to know little about the scale or impact of this migration.

(...incidentally, I think the neoliberal response to migration - a good example here - is also inadequate to the task. Not fit for purpose, even. That is for another post, however.)