Dead Men Left

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Forward March of Liberalism Halted

Touching honesty, really:

It is quite certain that most of the young men and women who have come forward as Liberal candidates know little (and care little) about the tangled history of the Liberal party in the two decades between 1918 and 1939. They have become Liberal because Liberalism stands for something different from Labour or from Toryism (even Toryism of the reform variety).

It offers something which, better than other parties, satisfies the desire for bold reform combined with freedom and personal initiative. The Labour party can reflect that this revival of Liberalism is a sign of Labour's failure to broaden from a sectional into a national party.

...followed by a small footnote on Labour's 1945 landslide. Another glorious defeat, Guardian comrades! Onwards! I don't think the paper's had a decent sense of history since c. Richard Cobden negotiated the Treaty of Paris, but no matter. Buy it for the Steve Bell cartoon in G2.