Dead Men Left

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hackney-Nike logo (pt. 37)

This one could run and run. Our friends in the north - way, way up north, along the bloodspattered Cambridge Heath Road - have an uncanny ability to prolong political grudges (with approximate footnotes):

I told Pipey[1] to keep schtum about this one, but he would have to open his gaper and make a fuss. Poor old Mikey[2] is in for a shock when he gets the reports back from his legal team. It seems that Nike is likely to argue that appropriate use of the logo was included in the deal for the Zoneparcs project to support playground sports activities targeted at the most deprived and socially excluded kids in London boroughs. Apparently they offered a sack of wonga to Mad Max[3] back in 2002 but he was scared of getting his fingers burnt so he refused to touch it and insisted it went to Nicky [4] over at Tender Loving Care[5]. I must ask Pipey to get together with Nicky to sort out where the cash went to and try to dig up the contracts (if there ever were any).

[1] Jules Pipe, Mayor of Hackney and lord of all he surveys;
[2] Gawd knows - some councillor?
[3] The unlamented "Mad Max" Caller, former Chief Exec at Hackney Council;
[4] Possibly Nicky Gavron, New Labour GLA stooge-creature. Could be wrong, though;
[5] The GLA?

Local politics, innit. Also spoofing a (it has to be said) rather easy target who - joy of joys - describes Brown's stance on thermonuclear destruction as "commonsense" and, again without the merest whiff of irony, calls the Chancellor's happy-clappy regime-changey chums "traditional Labour rightwing Atlanticists" - presumably packing their cloth-caps and whippets for trips to British-American Project meetings in Washington after a hard day hewing coal.