Dead Men Left

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

On finding the real scroungers


Fraud and overpayment in public sector bodies including primary care trusts, hospital trusts and local authorities hit £111 million in the last two years, it has been revealed.

The Audit Commission's National Fraud Initiative showed a 33 per cent increase in 2004/05 compared with 2002/03 in nearly 1,300 public bodies...

"The message to those tempted to steal from public service bodies is that there is now more chance than ever of being caught," Steve Bundred, the Audit Commission chief executive, said.

The report revealed a number of cases in which failed asylum-seekers were employed by local authorities or NHS organisations, received housing benefit or other state benefits, or had local authority accommodation.

£111m! Asylum seekers! It's daylight robbery!

Tax avoidance by the super-rich is costing the country £10bn per year...

Wealthy individuals - earning millions per year - use loopholes to beat the system, including avoiding National Insurance through bonuses paid in gold and having salaries delivered through offshore trusts and loans which are later written off.

"...more chance than ever of being caught": if only.