Dead Men Left

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Burn the witch

Comment is Free rank their articles by "activity": the more people posting replies to the original, the higher the ranking. I was vaguely surprised to see that this - fairly nondescript - article was currently top the of the vox pops, until I remembered its authour was a WOMAN with a HEADSCARF and therefore a MUSLIM. It certainly gets the crazies good and excited:

Now, once again, we are subjected to Soumaya Ghannoushi ? what is this, the softly softly steel fist in velvet glove approach?

Are these people so up themselves and their oh so right approach to life that they cannot see the obvious: WE ARE ON TO THEM ALL!!!!...

Yeah, that told her, with her uppity literacy and shit. (Oh, and those "anarchist SWP supporters", a beautiful phrase that offers a tantalising glimpse of the ocean of ignorance behind it.) Depressing stuff; the slack-jawed howlers have more confidence of late. Can't imagine why.