Dead Men Left

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Excellent, excellent...

This makes for heartening reading, especially alongside the reports and pictures here from France. Recidivists, Luddites, and wreckers, the lot of them; and a good thing, too.

"Student of irony" summed up the prevailing ruling class attitude, the "politics of envy":

It's a point that's struck me many times, that we live in a world where the affluent are envious of the [rest] of us. They never stop going on about how the rest of us have got too much.

I've wondered, in the past, if we're not rapidly approaching what is fashionably called a tipping-point for neoliberalism. As a mode of rule, across great swathes of the globe it is demonstrably failing to deliver the goods: neither reliable economic growth, nor political consent. Resistance to privatisation and deregulation and the rest of it is, whilst still very uneven, becoming sufficient to undermine the programme; whether the strikes today will derail the alleged reforms is a moot point, of course, but you can certainly see the potential.