Dead Men Left

Friday, February 24, 2006

Tom Lehrer all over again

It's been difficult watching The Day Today for some time: the gap between the satire and reality appears to have closed, producerts now apparently basing their news programming on dim memories of Chris Morris' inspired spoofs.

It's one thing to see the format begin to parody itself. It's more disturbing to see the news itself start to resemble its own satire:

British pop star Morrissey was quizzed by the FBI and Britain's Special Branch after he called President Bush a "terrorist". The singer said he was "baffled" to be held and interviewed by the authorities. But he was released when they realised the melancholic warbler was not a threat to the free world.

There are plenty of reasons for wanting to lock Morrisey up, but this probably isn't one of them. This comes straight after the detention, at Heathrow, of actors who played alleged terrorists. It's either frightening, or rather funny. Or both.