Dead Men Left

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Deep entry

I've been woefully lazy with the blog this last month or so. Been horribly busy, just not had much time on my hands.

Someone for whom this clearly doesn't apply has written a biography of Blair as if he were what I believe is known as a "deep entryist". This is really significantly less fun than it sounds: it means being a secret revolutionary lurking inside a large political organisation, becoming a good and dutiful apparatchik, and quietly waiting for the glorious day to arrive when the blinkers are thrown from the masses eyes, the shackles of reformism are cast asunder, etc, and your true politics can be revealed and the masses rally to your banner.

Blair's mask slipped last week when he admitted that Isaac Deutscher's biography of Trotsky got him interested in politics in the first place. (Unusually good taste on Blair's part, it must be said.) So this is the PM as undercover Trot, hell-bent on destroying what one crazed old Stalinist ("17 years a Communist councillor in this borough") of my acquaintance insists on calling the "historic party of the British working class". All of which put me vaguely in mind of Lionel Jospin.