Dead Men Left

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More New Labour corruption

Down in Tower Hamlets:

Nasir Uddin, ex-Labour councillor for the St Dunstan's and Stepney ward, and his younger brother, Ain Uddin, dramatically changed their pleas today (Weds) at Southwark Crown Court in a fraud trial also involving Kumar Murshid, a serving member of Tower Hamlets council and a former top advisor to London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

Nasir Uddin, 33, now of Cotswold Gardens, East Ham, admitted taking £15,694 for personal gain from the Stepney-based Youth Action Scheme four years ago.

Depressing about this story are the pitiful sums of cash involved. Whilst New Labour wallows around in £14m secret loans, dispensing honours as needed, its underlings are reduced to scrabbling around after sums you'd hardly think worth risking prison for - sums that, nontheless, would make a difference if they'd been spent as intended. Tower Hamlets' "corrupt political culture" may yet choke.