Dead Men Left

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Abu Rideh interview


The control orders were rushed through parliament earlier this month in the face of widespread opposition. The contradictions inherent in them are clear from Mr Abu Rideh's experiences since being released on bail almost two weeks ago:

· He is not allowed to make arrangements to meet anybody, but he can drop in to see anyone if he does so unannounced;

· He cannot attend any pre-arranged meetings or gatherings, but was present at the anti-war demonstration at Hyde Park last Saturday. He says he stumbled across it while playing football in the park with his children;

· He is banned from having visitors to his home unless they are vetted in advance, but he is allowed to arrange to attend group prayers at a mosque;

· He thinks he is being followed on the tube, but if he calls a taxi, no one tails him.

See also this Statewatch report on "counter-terrorism" plans across the G8 and EU. As so often in Europe, Britain is leading the charge in the wrong direction. Statewatch accuse the UK of "policy-laundering", turning Draconian US legislation over for EU consumption.