Dead Men Left

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Enoch Wade and Rebekah Powell

The last true Blairite (perhaps - dammnably hard to tell nowadays) at British Spin draws a parallel between the Sun's current campaign against gypsies, and Enoch Powell's 1968 "rivers of blood" speech: be strictly accurate, Enoch Powell was quoting a letter sent to him. However, I believe this was a rhetorical device to distance himself from the prejudice in his position, and I believe the sun is using the same technique. as an example, this letter to the Sun today: “I’ve had my van broken into four times, stealing tools worth hundreds of pounds. It just so happens a gipsy camp had set up not far away. Telling police was a waste of time.”- Of course, you are free to believe that the Sun and enoch Powell in no way meant to endorse these respective veiws, and selected them neutrally and without approval.