Dead Men Left

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Associated Newspapers to lose London monopoly

Almost hurrah:

Ken Livingstone has formally begun the bidding process for a new London newspaper to be distributed in Underground stations, pre-empting a long awaited decision by the Office of Fair Trading.

The London mayor announced today that Transport for London will invite proposals for a free afternoon paper in the capital after Easter - even though Associated Newspapers still has an exclusive deal in place to distribute its newspapers in London Underground stations.

..."almost", because the Evening Standard's new competitor is most likely to be run by porn baron Richard Desmond; or, failing that, Rupert Murdoch. On the plus side, with the London market for journalistic bigotry and reactionary bile already cornered by Associated, it'd be nice to think that competitive pressure for advertising revenue would produce a pleasant, even-tempered, left-leaning free-sheet of some sort. Either that or it's tits 'n' bums 'n' gypsies for me every morning.

UPDATE: Associated Press: respectable wire-service. Associated Newspapers: people who print the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard.