Dead Men Left

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Also nonexistent: the vision thing

Andrew Rawnsley, generally a sharp and well-connected commentator in the Observer, inadvertently exposed the limitations of the neoliberal worldview this Sunday:

Gordon Brown is capable of doing the vision thing. So is Tony Blair. Charles Kennedy has an ambition for his country. And Michael Howard is capable of articulating one, too. They may have very different concepts of a good society, but I credit them all with having one.

Before the auction gets anymore frantic, it would be valuable to hear each of them explain their vision of the good society. Then people might have a better idea of what they are really being asked to buy.

Exactly the same damn product. The toppings vary slightly - more refugee-bashing over here, more rhetoric about "liberty" over here - but the cake remains the same. With all economic questions relegated to bickering over efficient management, there's little difference in "vision" between any of the main parties.