Dead Men Left

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Single, democratic, secular trousers

The frolicsome Harry Hutton offering the thoughts of Palestinian taxi drivers:

Lotsa talk about the Palestinian / Israeli problem, now that Arafat has croaked. People always make out that it is complicated, when in fact a child could grasp it. The best explanation I ever heard came from a Palestinian taxi driver: "How is two countries in one land? Is like two men in one trousers- how can it be, this?"

With "hungbunny" (I know, I know) suggesting the refinement

"Like two men in one trousers belonging to the first man until the second man threatened to kill his wife and family unless he let him squeeze into the trousers too, and then killed them anyway and stole his olive groves for good measure"

Hungbunny's equally whimsical website can be found here, though I admit it is whimsy with an unmistakable undercurrent of deranged violence.