Dead Men Left

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Fallujah demonstration details

Two front-page headlines, from this Friday's papers:




Not Socialist Worker, but the earlier and later editions of the London Evening Standard, reporting on the deaths of three UK soldiers from the Black Watch. Blair is staring down the barrel of a political crisis; and an emboldened George Bush has his finger on the trigger. The occupation in Iraq is reaching a critical stage, and the following should chill the hearts of our latter-day colonialists:

Sheikh Mohammed Bashar al-Faidhi, of the Association of Muslim Clerics, one of the most prominent Sunni Arab organisations to have emerged since the war, said: "If the US invades the city of Falluja or any other city in Iraq, all the [Sunni Arab] clerics in Iraq will call for a boycott of the election."

What this report overlooks is how close the Iraqi resistance is to assembling a coherent all-Iraq representation. Perhaps Bush and Blair, upholding a sacred imperialist tradition, believe ethnic divisions can be used to reinforce their occupation. They have little else that can be worked in their favour.

The Stop the War Coalition are organising protests over the coming assualt on Fallujah:

If the assualt is launched

On day of onslaught (next day depending on timing), 5-7pm
London: 5-7pm, outside 10 Downing Street, Whitehall, Westminster.
Birmingham: 5pm, Victoria Square.
Cardiff: 5.30pm- at Nye Bevan Statue, Queen Street.
Crewkerne, S Somerset: 12pm, front of Victoria Hall.
Edinburgh: 5pm, Parliament Square (off the Royal Mile).
Exeter: 5.30pm, Exe Bridges.
Leeds: 5-6pm, Dortmond Square, Headrow, Leeds town centre.
Manchester: 5pm-, Picadilly Gardens, City centre, Manchester.
Portsmouth: 5pm, Unicorn Gate, Portsmouth Dockyard.
Salisbury: 5pm-, Cheesemarket Library Steps.
Southampton: 6pm, Outside the Civic Centre, opposite the Marlands.
Sheffield: 4.30pm, Outside Sheffield Town Hall.
Swindon: 6pm, Cenotaph, Regent Circus.
Yeovil: 11am following Saturday, Millenium Clock Tower, High St.

In addition, the Coalition has called a protest this Wednesday outside Downing Street to demand British troops be pulled out of Iraq.

Emergency Protest & Rally

Wednesday 10th November 2004, 5.30pm
In Parliament Square WC1. Nearest tube: Westminster.
At 4pm military families will hand in a wreath at Downing Street.
Protest supported by British military families against the war including families of Black Watch Regiment.