Dead Men Left

Monday, November 08, 2004

Lying bastard so-called "hospital" exposed

Further to the previous posting, readers may be concerned that for the Coalition of the Willing to target and destroy hospitals is perhaps to fall a little short of the high standards they have previously set in the occupation of Iraq.

They will be relieve to know that a full explanation has been provided by US forces. Those hospitals aren't really hospitals at all:

In April, American troops were closing in on [Fallujah] city center when popular uprisings broke out in cities across Iraq. The outrage, fed by mostly unconfirmed reports of large civilian casualties, forced the Americans to withdraw.

American commanders regarded the reports as inflated, but it was impossible to determine independently how many civilians had been killed. The hospital was selected as an early target because the American military believed that it was the source of rumors about heavy casualties.

"It's a center of propaganda," a senior American officer said Sunday