Dead Men Left

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Once more: "Liberty, if it means anything..." the right to bomb civilians? destroy hospitals? impose martial law?

I am pleased to report - it may help if you can imagine a fanfare, such as a particularly tin-pot dictator of a particularly shoddy and unpopular regime might summon up before imposing a curfew - that Harry's Place have NOTICED FALLUJAH.

And what have they noticed?

Presumably that cluster bombs are democratic, hospitals breed propaganda - and that the citizens are rejoicing. Verily, liberty doth announce its triumph!

As Ned Ludd says, HP's hurried and highly selective scrapings from the BBC messageboard are "an insult even to their own intelligence." I'd say the same about Hitchen's risible support for George Bush, also lovingly quoted on Harry's site.

Onwards to victory, "comrades". Truly these are the End Times.

(On a vaguely related point: I'm so glad I avoided making proper use of the the portentous/pretentious quote space Blogger alows you to fill. It's asking for trouble. My favourite is still "Politics, economics and culture": like the News of the World, "All human life is here!" Apologies to my dedicated reader, by the way, for the hurried blogging of late. The real world has reared its ugly head once more.)

Update: this display of unfettered jingoistic credulity glories beneath a banner reading "Somewhere between the ideal and the reality, lies the possible worth striving for..." Notice the use of the ellipsis to grant deep inner significance to a line of sixth-form vacuity. Tasty.