Dead Men Left

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

(Nearly) speechless

It's a multimedia crossover blogging - I'm watching the New Labour election broadcast at the same time as writing this. Incredible. Jaw on floor stuff. A succession of bright sparkly images - happy nurses, cute babies, Angel of the North - with subtitles proclaiming all these staggering achievements - SURE START CENTRES OPEN, TWO MILLION FEWER PENSIONERS, ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US - interspersed with a disarmingly naff late-nineties Cool Britannia stylee Union Jack Mini Cooper motif, very brief flashes of Brown, still briefer flashes of Blair. Oh, and a crap soft rock soundtrack telling us, you'll like this bit, "It's getting better all the time," - didn't recognise it, sort of Oasis without the charm, marginally less subtle than the D:Ream track it's supposed to remind us of, it's like being slapped in the face with a wet Prescott - anyway, said unrecognisable MOR tune included the lyric, "No matter what they say"... precisely the problem, for all I know the near-subliminal achievement flashes may all be perfectly true and fair and accurate but still no-one will believe this shower any more. Grrr.