Dead Men Left

Friday, April 28, 2006

"At least nine councillors..."

The Telegraph's estimate, a few days ago:

Tower Hamlets
In Tower Hamlets the loss of Oona King's Bethnal Green and Bow seat to George Galloway last year suggests that Respect could gain at least nine councillors in predominantly Muslim areas, and perhaps even the ward of Shadwell, solidly Labour since 1919. With the Lib Dems stirring in the north of the borough, and the Conservatives likely to take all six councillors for the Isle of Dogs, Labour will lose this borough in the heart of the East End after being assailed on three different fronts.

The stirring of the Lib Dems is being somewhat disrupted by the presence of Respect, who certainly give every impression of running them close in wards like Weavers.

Some (not many) of the postal ballots have already been counted. Still not finding any Labour voters on the doorstep.