Dead Men Left

Monday, April 17, 2006

No PasarĂ¡n, New Labour style

Typical complacent New Labour smug quacking noises:

The Home Office minister, Andy Burnham, said indications of growing readiness to consider a vote for the BNP reflected a trend towards protest voting, especially at local elections, but he played down the significance of the party's threat.

"When people hear their views, I think they will see them for what they are," he told Today.

Someone should tell Margaret Hodge:

White working-class families feel so neglected by the Government and angered by immigration that they are deserting Labour and flocking to the British National Party, a minister admitted yesterday...

"They can't get a home for their children, they see black and ethnic minority communities moving in and they are angry," said Mrs Hodge, the employment minister... Mrs Hodge said the pace of ethnic change in her area had frightened people.

The scale of the idiocy here is close to awe-inspiring. On one side, New Labour minister blithely assumes that the rest of the country is as serenely liberal as he is. Ignore the fascists and they'll just go away. On the other, New Labour minister, in a panic, repeats and embellishes the "views" so complacently dismissed by her colleague. Joined-up thinking where it matters.