Dead Men Left

Friday, August 12, 2005

Known for his patterned socks

Jeremy's back from his extended absence, and his blog, My Way of Thinking, returns with him, as fearsomely angry as ever.

Jeremy has noticed that David Bonderman, the billionaire owner of Texas Pacific, the private equity group that in turn owns Gate Gourmet, hired the Rolling Stones for his 60th birthday party. Gate Gourmet have just sacked their entire 500-strong Heathrow workforce as part of a cost-cutting exercise, leading to a "magnificent" series of strikes in solidarity. I know this marks me as unsuited to the cut and thrust of modern business life, but you'd have thought someone who can afford Mick Jagger crooning Happy Birthday in his ear can afford not to screw his employees around like this.

T&G members work as catering assistants, earning around £12,000 a year, and as drivers, earning just under £16,000 a year.


Known for his rumpled shirts and patterned socks, Mr Bonderman shuns publicity but is said to have amassed a $6 billion fortune.