Dead Men Left

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Late capitalism's ranking fetish

Another stupid bloody list:

The 10 best and worst places to live in the UK are to be named - and in some cases, shamed, on television tonight.

Candidate towns, cities and districts have been based on criteria including their rates of crime, unemployment, educational standards, hours of sunshine and average life expectancy.

This isn't quite as bad as the interminable top 100 jazz-funk ukelele covers lists that are slowly devouring the entire TV schedule, because no-one seems to have voted on them - a recipe for utter, utter disaster on these things: democracy be dammned, it's always Bohemian sodding Rhapsody at number one, Imagine at number two and whichever boy-band is on SM:TV this week at number three, thus demonstrating that "British culture" is sorely overrated at present. God knows what hideous weighting system has been applied to the towns, however, because any system that places Ashford and Guildford as amongst the best places to live in the UK has clearly been devised by someone with a very warped view of humanity, or an estate agent. Presumably they're exactly the sort of places that people who watch television programmes based on property prices aspire to live in.