Dead Men Left

Thursday, August 11, 2005

"...this is a community we cannot work with..."

From the Guardian:

British Airways today suspended all outgoing flights at Heathrow airport as it became embroiled in a dispute with a catering company.
BA halted all flight check-ins at Heathrow after some of its loaders and baggage handlers stopped work in sympathy with sacked catering staff.

Union leaders had warned that a dispute that started yesterday could escalate if it was not resolved quickly. The row began when Gate Gourmet, a US-owned firm, sacked 800 staff over plans to restructure the company.

Old-fashioned solidarity: fair warms of the cockles of your heart. But look at what, according to the union, Gate Gourmet said about its workforce:

The company has told us that 'this is a community we cannot work with'. The employees concerned are almost all low-paid Asian workers, and such an approach is utterly unacceptable.

But how many have publicly condemned 7/7, eh? Eh?

(Socialist Worker for updates.)