Dead Men Left

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Nazi Nick nicked

From the BBC:

The leader of the British National Party has been arrested as part of a police inquiry following the screening of a BBC documentary.

A party spokesman said Nick Griffin was arrested on Tuesday morning on suspicion of incitement to racial hatred.

West Yorkshire police confirmed they had arrested a 45-year-old man from outside their area.

Other arrests following the BBC documentary include the party's founder, John Tyndall, and two men from my Christmas holiday destination, the delightful town of Keighley in Yorkshire.

The British National Party have been having a pleasingly unfortunate run of late:

Students at Manchester University achieved a landmark victory against
fascism and racism on Wednesday 17th November. The student union general
meeting passed a motion which said "Any active member of the British
National Party (BNP) will have their union membership revoked and be banned
from union buildings and events, subject to due process."

Manchester University Unite Against Fascism Group, supported by many student
societies in the campus built the meeting of over 340 students. The meeting,
aimed at dealing with the threat of the BNP on campus, passed the motion
with 330 votes to 6, even though Joe Finnon, a prominent member from the
fascist BNP youth wing, spoke. The immediate effect of this victory will be
the removal of Finnon's union membership.

And, on a lesser note, let's not forget their hiring of a black DJ for their Christmas social in London, leading to members storming out in disgust. "He sounded white on the 'phone." As the Mirror says, not just racist but stupid.

Griffin, though, is slightly smarter than the average knuckle-dragger. No doubt he'll be trying to present his arrest as evidence of the liberal elite and the PC mafia trampling on an Englishman's freedom of speech. He played the martyr in 2001, when he attended his election count in Oldham wearing gaffer tape over his mouth, and a t-shirt reading "GAGGED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH": following serious disturbances in the area, traditional post-election speeches were banned by the teller. Griffin scored 16% of the vote back then, marking something of a high-point for the BNP's support in the Northern town: successful campaigning by Unite Against Fascism across the north-west, drawing in community organisations, trade unions and others, helped prevent them winning a Euro-election seat this year. There's no reason to be complacent (and brazen idiocy like this is always a worry), but Griffin and his mob can be stopped.