Dead Men Left

Friday, December 10, 2004

It's the scum that rises to the top: senior Manchester Police officer is allegedly racist bastard, much to everyone's surprise

This mysteriously coy BBC report caught my attention:

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is investigating allegedly racist remarks made by a senior officer about the Muslim festival of Eid.
Supt David Keller is alleged to have made the comments, the exact wording of which is not known, at a meeting to discuss policing of the festival.

The officer claims the comments, which were allegedly made in November, were taken out of context.

The Guardian, fortunately, has no such qualms:

A senior police officer in Manchester was under investigation last night after allegations that he called for machine guns to be set up to stop Muslims entering the city for their most important religious festival of the year.

Superintendent David Keller, a sub-divisional commander based at Longsight police station, south Manchester, is alleged to have made the remarks at an internal meeting on November 24.

Sources told the Guardian the remarks were made during a discussion about arrests at a recent Eid celebration in Manchester.

Of course, as everyone knows, British Muslims are simply refusing to integrate.