Dead Men Left

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Observer's "Big Lie"

Couldn't let this particular piece of twittery pass without some comment. Paul Harris in the Observer, during a particularly underhanded attack on Ralph Nader, parrots the following from the Democrats:

Republicans have also played a role in financing Nader. Several large donors to Bush's war coffers have dug in their pockets for Nader. They include billionaire John Egan, one of the most prominent financial backers of Bush's political career, and Houston businessman Nijad Fares. One study showed that nearly one in 10 of those who gave Nader $1,000 or more also gave to the Republicans.

What Harris doesn't mention is that these supposedly Republican backers gave more money to the Democrats: $66,000 for Kerry, $54,000 for Nader. Only 4% of Nader's funding has come from those also funding the Republicans. It is, as the Nader/Camejo site says "the Big Lie"; but the mouthpieces of the liberal left have repeated it with unerring regularity.

And if Republicans have wanted to assist Nader's campaign...? As Lenin didn't say, "the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."