Dead Men Left

Friday, September 17, 2004

"The Surrey branch of Class War"

I'm disgusted: I've been beaten, manhandled, roughed up and generally shoved around by the Metropolitan Police (a fine upstanding bunch) in Parliament Square on numerous ocassions and every single time for a vastly more worthwhile cause than opposing a ban on fox-hunting. But not once has the Telegraph asked me how I felt about it, the callous bastards.

Come to think of it, I've also tried blocking roads a few times now, and if you really are going to blockade a high security site like Chequers for "several hours" you'll need more than 150 people to do it with if the police haven't all dozed off for the afternoon.

How stange all this is.

Particularly since, the last time anyone seems to have bothered to ask, most people in rural areas want to ban hunting.

Still, Harry Hutton summed up what all true Englishmen feel in his eloquent letter to the Times:

The threat posed to human life by foxes is minimal. These days you are more likely to be crapped on by a parrot than you are to be eaten by a fox. Kind of puts it into perspective, doesn't it?

But if I were on my own in a lonely place and a tribe of slavering foxes came to bite my family and eat my chickens I would shoot first, and ask questions later. And d*** and f*** the communists to whom foxes are more important than the family unit and happy chickens. They are c***s sir, they are c***s.

(The quote at the top is from Alister at Perspective.)