Dead Men Left

Friday, July 30, 2004

From Stepney and St. Dunstans (via, um, London Conservatives):

Oliur Rahman, Respect - 878
Jalal Uddin, Liberal Democrats - 754
Shah Habibur Rahman, Labour - 578
Alexander Patrick Story, Conservative - 445
Lynda Miller, National Front - 172

This puts Respect on 31%, a slight improvement on its Greater London Assembly polling in the ward. Labour have slipped to third having previously occupied the seat, and coming second in the Assembly elections. (This presumably has much to do with its councillor's unseemly exit from office.) The Tories, however, have slipped still further: from second place to fourth with only their generally woeful state to blame. Congratulations are due to Oli Rahman; a further by-election is due in Tower Hamlets in September, after the resignation of Labour councillor Mumtaz Samad. Samad cited the sexism she faced from her fellow councillors as driving her to quit.