Dead Men Left

Thursday, July 29, 2004

After throwing up their hands in mock-horror or mock-surprise at those outrageous hypocrites in Respect condemning homophobia when they have Muslims involved in their organisation...

After Lindsey German's spineless refusal to condemn Yusuf al-Qaradawi's disgusting homophobia, her Respect Coalition has the chutzpah to issue this leaflet (pdf).

...those crazy funsters over at Harry's Place have now developed an entire comments thread about which right-wing laaaaydee they'd most like to shag. Phwooar, etc.

1. Lindsey German did condemn al-Qaradawi's homophobia when interviewed by Newsnight. Respect has always condemned homophobia - the leaflet was issued before al-Qaradarwi's UK visit, and the founding declaration makes our support for individual sexual choices quite clear. 

2. Schoolboy giggles all good clean fun, I'm sure... but I can't help thinking it might all have been a little bit more sensitively placed.