Dead Men Left

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Here's the verdict of one 7/7 survivor on Blair's "anti-terror" laws:

I do not see why this ill-thought out macho posturing, which can only destabilise and divide us, by robbing men and women of the ancient and fundemental right of habeas corpus, and making sections of the community afraid, is going to defeat terror.

And I will not meekly accept claims that this is to be done in my name. This is panicking, this is fearful, this is not helpful. I expect better than this, and I deserve better than this. We all do...

Why the rush if not for political gain? How dare you co-opt 'the victims' to defend this attack on liberties, as if we are all some amorphous bloodied mass that you can wave in front of the Commons as a fig leaf for your naked desire to be seen to be 'tough on terror'?

I am not going to be a human shield for this Government. Not in my name, I say, you do not act for me. If you want to be tough on terror, then why not be tough on the causes of terror? Why not address, for example, Iraq? And until you do, I hear your voices dripping sympathy and concern, saying you do this 'for the victims', Tony, Charles, and the rest of you...and I am disgusted that you should use ordinary people - because that is all we are - bombed people - bloodied people - in this way. Who gave you the right to speak for me, Mr Blair, Mr Clarke? When did I give my blessing to fear-mongering?

You have never asked my opinion. You did not listen when I and a million others took to the streets and you do not listen now.

Meanwhile, the Sun's 100,000-strong telephone lynch-mob has been given a bit of a once over by Tim Ireland at Bloggerheads, who concludes:

97% of Sun readers either do not support the proposed 90-day law, or could not give a rat's arse either way.

Even better, he's had a reply from one of the traitorous wretches planning to vote against the Bill later today:

UPDATE - Make that *eight* MPs I've spoken to about this. I have permission to quote this response verbatim; it was sent *before* this particular MP read my latest post...

Rt Hon James Arbuthnot: I have, as a result of the Sun's list, received more e-mails supporting my view than opposing it.

Ho ho.

Update: Spyblog on the Sky News poll currently being touted as showing overwhelming public support for the government's measures. Biased load of old cobblers, he concludes. (By the way, hasn't YouGov been criticised for its deficient polling procedures before? Mind you, haven't all the polling companies? Here's an interesting few words on internet polls, anyway.)