Dead Men Left

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Rockets, sticks, Trots, John Simpson

I knew he'd deliver the goods eventually: ladies and gentlemen, an anglophone account of the French rebellion from everyone's favourite post-Trotskyist cherub, Mr Apostate Windbag. From his conclusion:

Above all, the French anti-neo-liberal left must act with urgency within the next few days to attempt to channel this justifiable anger into a constructive direction and connect it to the wider dissatisfaction with neo-liberalism. The LCR and the PCF would do well to organise demonstrations across France against police brutality, for an end to l’extrémisme sécuritaire, for reinvestment and jobs in the banlieues, for the integration of their inhabitants into French society, and, in particular, calling for Sarkozy's resignation.

Nous sommes tous indésirables. Nous sommes tous racailles.

And, as if to prove that something peculiar really is taking place, here's a rather good article by John Simpson. (NB: that John Simpson can write decent articles about the situation in France is of a piece with the surprisingly decentish quality of the BBC reporting: it is permissable to criticise "sclerotic", racist, insufferable France and therefore the usual ideological blinkers have been removed - to be replaced by others, naturally, as when the Beeb blithely announces that laws in the UK against racial discrimination prevent this sort of thing happening here.)

Update: The BBC has a few vox-pops with the residents of Clichy-sur-Bois. Overwhelmingly, again, the interviewees report persistent racism as the cause of the troubles and a political support for the rioters - even if there's disapproval of their tactics.