Dead Men Left

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Tortured as MI6 watched"

Socialist Worker has an account from one of the Pakistani-born men tortured in Greece under the eyes of MI6:

Munir Mohamed, one of the three, said, “On 17 July we were in our garden when seven or eight persons claiming to be police appeared. They showed no identification and asked for our mobile phones. I was the only one not having a mobile.

“I was a newcomer in Greece from Pakistan and I hadn’t yet bought one. They said, ‘You are a liar. You have hidden your mobile.’

“So they took me to a separate room. They handcuffed me, pressed me against the wall and started beating. After a while they took me outside with the others. I had blood on my lips.

“They put our shirts on our heads and put us in a van and took us to an unknown place. There I was kept separated. They interrogated me for about two and a half hours. They were asking, ‘What do you know about London? What happened in the tube?’

“They were threatening me. I stayed there two days. Then they put me in a car and took me to another unknown place, still blindfolded. I stayed in that second place for five days. The interrogation continued there, three times a day.

“When they finally let me go, they told me, ‘Don’t you dare tell a word about what ­happened in here. If we find out you said something, either we’ll bring you here again or we’ll cut your throat’.”