Dead Men Left

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Turkeys coming home to roost

Like its greying, sweat-encrusted real-life counterparts, I've ditched DML's electronic Make Poverty History wristband. And not a moment too soon, either, because that raging cretin Geldof has decided to campaign for the Tories:

Sir Bob told Sky News: "I am not giving tacit approval. What I am trying to do is agreeing to help formulate a policy that I would agree with."
He added: "Narrow definitions of what politics are do not interest me.

"I am not party political. I am completely non-partisan, as are those dying of want. It doesn't concern me what people think about me."

It's a pity Geldof isn't "dying of want": he would be less ready to condemn those who actually are to the passive, voiceless status of token victims. Christ almighty, what a monstrous cockwit the man is. Anyway.

Worth mentioning, once more, how many of its tricks Cameron's "compassionate conservatives" are learning from the US. I blogged a while back about Bush's increased funding for "development" aid, which now arrives tied explicitly to the Nation Security Strategy. Meanwhile, a key neoconservative strategist has been appointed head of the World Bank.

Geldof, being largely a hopeless ego-driven patsy and a self-inflating sack of flatulent platitudes, may be unaware of the nuances here. His fulsome praise for George Bush's many and varied good works in Africa, however, suggests a certain flickering political awareness.