Dead Men Left

Thursday, December 22, 2005

We Are All Chavs

I've always thought that the contempt in certain middle class circles for 'the chav' is born of bewilderment, incomprehension at how the working class have had the cheek to develop an authentic, vibrant, meaning-ful material culture of their very own. In contrast to the middle classes, who struggle to define themselves through the 'style' section of glossy magazines.

From, after. I thought both were spot-on. I wonder whether it's time to reclaim the word: the splendid Goldie Lookin Chain - and the similarly marvellous Lady Sovereign - are examples for us all, clever and funny, with none of this smug dullard so-called "irony". Death to Little Britain!

See, also, Stumbling and Mumbling getting education all wrong, with subsequent discussion. (Paralleled, in a more bad-tempered and shouty fashion, after this post. Will respond properly to S&M tomorrow.)