Dead Men Left

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Johnson exposed

This Boris Johnson=lovely cuddly bumbling oaf thing. Utter nonsense, getting quite sick of it – particularly when he’s penning stuff like this:

We live in an age of easy, gifted telegenic politicians who never put a foot wrong or slur their words on Newsnight, and it is therefore magnificent that the Liberal Democrats continue to have a leader with a Churchillian ability to slot it away.

Vicious, no? But never mind the cheap and dirty laughs, here’s the meat:

Only Charles Kennedy is capable of bubble-gumming this coalition together. It is now quite clear that if he were to go, he would be replaced by someone who might come perilously close to endorsing one position or the other, rather than keeping up the amazing Lib Dem strategy of endorsing both. The party would be taken over either by the likes of Mark Oaten and Nick Clegg, who seem in many ways to be very similar to David Cameron's Tories; or else it would go Left under Simon Hughes and the rest of the tofu-munching busybodies.

This coziness with the Orange Book gang, from senior Tories, is going to get more and more frequent over the coming months.

NB: Tory environmental concern=get on your bike (and look for work?) Cunning.