Dead Men Left

Monday, October 10, 2005

Gaaargh bastards

...and another thing about David Cameron, he's not "on the left" of the Tory Party. He just looks like he is: exactly like Blair. Such "left-wing" statements as he evinces are flummery: exactly like Blair. Beneath the flannel, he's a Thatcherite with socially liberal pretensions, like the rest of his Notting Hill chums. (Needless to say, they all continue to support the occupation of Iraq, having enthusiastically supported the invasion.)

Enough of the Tories. The peculiar, media-led reconstruction of party that is visibly decaying as a social force has been unsettling; the social roots of the Tories are withering, whether examined by membership or by votes, but the hollow trunk that remains can be maintained from the media's own resources.

Update: ...just a small one:

Labour has extended its poll lead over the Conservatives, according to the latest survey.

A Populus study for Tuesday's Times puts support for Labour on 40 per cent, the Tories on 30 per cent and the Liberal Democrats on 21 per cent.

The gap has widened slightly since the last poll, which quizzed the public before the party conference season.

The findings suggest that while the media was impressed by signs of a Conservative revival in Blackpool, the public has yet to adopt the same view.