Dead Men Left

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Don't like David Cameron

I'm not supposed to, obviously. He's a Tory, and a thoroughly rotten Tory at that. However. There is something more than little unpleasantly pushy and piggy about the man, the air of an Eton boy slumming it for our edification, an all-round jumped-up Tory squittishness that cannot fail to irritate. Watching him, he has an oleaginous slippery quality; he slid across the stage just as he slithered over the painstakingly-inflated gasbag of platitudes he called his speech. As usual, I'm wildly out of step with the official meeja, already heartily decreeing that Cameron's the man, Cameron for boss, Cameron's top, Cameron Cameron Cameron.

This all seems very familiar... oh god. They have found their Tony Blair.