Dead Men Left

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tory MP and incitements to violence

Bob Spink is a Tory MP representing an overwhelmingly white constituency, buried away in deepest Essex. But far from the stale stereotypes of parochial Essex man, Bob Spink is a citizen of the world - a Parliamentarian with his finger firmly on the pulse of modern, multicultural Britain. Why, only last night he was holding forth on the proposed visit of a Muslim cleric to far-off Manchester:

Tory MP Bob Spink, who addressed the mass vigil in Trafalgar Square after the bombings, said the decision to let al-Qaradawi in was “extremely insensitive” and could provoke violence.

The MP for Castle Point in Essex said: “Feelings are running high. I’m getting many calls from people who’ve had enough toleration towards those who want to bring down our system of life.”

Like Enoch himself, Spink is not personally asking anybody to, for example, burn down their local mosque. No, he's simply passing on - how kind! - the opinions of those who've had enough of "toleration" towards Muslim clerics. They must be getting pretty jumpy down in Castle Point, what with the massed hordes of 248 Muslims to worry about.

Spink is wallowing in the dirty, rotten politics he waded through to clinch his election victory this year. A sample of his campaign:

Mr Spink took out the advert in the Yellow Advertiser under the heading Stop Asylum Abuse.

It said: "Bob leads the fight in parliament to stop asylum cheats. If we don't act, nasty fringe parties will. Labour has tripled illegal immigration and only one in five failed asylum seekers is removed. What bit of 'send them back' don't you understand Mr Blair?"

The objections of filth like Spink are almost reason enough to insist al-Qaradawi be allowed to speak in Britain. Here's Marc Mulholland with a few more.