Dead Men Left

Friday, July 15, 2005

"Rooting out extremism" and all that jazz

Yes, I reckon preventing one of Britain's leading Muslim moderates from speaking is exactly the way to do it:

A prominent British Muslim leader has been refused entry to the United States with no explanation, just days after the London bombings.

Dr Zaki Badawi, head of the Muslim College, flew from London to New York on Wednesday but said he was denied entry and forced to return home...

"The people I was speaking to [at immigration control] were very junior people, and they are just executing things they were told," he told the Associated Press in an interview.

"They were very, very embarrassed and I felt sorry for them. America is a lovely country. There is no reason why it should behave like that." His wife Maryam said she had been very worried but that he was back home and was resting.

Zaki Badawi and Tariq Ramadan: good to see it's the real fundamentalist head-bangers they're going after.