Dead Men Left

Sunday, July 10, 2005


I'm drawing your attention to attention-seeking callous fuckwittery, but bear with me:

so i just heard about london being blown up. i wasnt going to read about it but someone in curlyhair posted a link to it. so i looked at some pictures...

anyway, i dont care one way or another. i dont know anyone in london, i've never been there... couldnt possibly care any less.

The replies posted to this blogger's otherwise vapid musings are worth reading. Quite a few British respondents are upset; the bombs' victims have been reduced to the status we normally accord to nameless victims in Third World countries, most especially those we bomb ourselves: barely registered, a small shrug for alleged tragedies amongst people living in faraway countries we don't know and aren't expected to care about. It is a peculiar sensation.