Dead Men Left

Friday, July 08, 2005

My revulsion over yesterday's events comes in two parts: first, for those who treat the mass murder of London commuters as a means to some ends. That is a given. Second, it is for those who have opened the political space and the political opportunities for that barbarity. It is Blair's war in Iraq, but it is we who are paying the price. He has not suffered the consequences of his immense deceit; those in Iraq, and now in Britain, have.

I did not ask to be placed on a front-line. I campaigned with millions of others against it. I am not now about to be dragooned, however subtly, into marching side-by-side with Blair, a man I now despise more than ever. I am with the victims of the Iraq war, not its perpertrators.

We who opposed the invasion of Iraq precisely because of its grimly predictable consequences have an obligation to make our voices heard once more. My local MP has done precisely that and I am immensely grateful.