Dead Men Left

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Blood and Treasure offers a depressingly plausible prospect:

What’s the betting that Bush’s successor runs on a peace with honour ticket in the next election? And what’s the betting that such a programme trounces a Democratic candidate who’s finally made his or her peace with national security, locked Michael Moore in a cupboard and decided to run on a “militant democratization everywhere” platform?

"Depressingly plausible": we've already had a Democratic presidential candidate all but committed to "militant democratisation everywhere". The insanity of the leadership of the US Left - Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein - demanding the anti-war movement support a pro-war candidate staggers me yet. Is there any guarrantee that this won't happen again in 2008?

Our Word is Our Weapon has a demolition job on a crude piece of anti-aid propagandising from the "International Policy Network". Worth a read, if you like seeing right-wing loons speedily despatched.

The link between these two is, of course, Paul Wolfowitz and the troubling Millennium Challenge Account