Dead Men Left

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Kilroy's revenge

Remember Veritas? Complete bloody flop, of course, relative to Robert Kilroy-Silk's inflated fantasies of being carried back to Parliament on a rolling wave of xenophobia. But buried away amongst their refugee-bashing was their commitment to flat taxes; a lunatic idea, but for some reason one starting to gain a little
ground. Here's the esteemed Shadow Chancellor, voicing his interest:

A number of central and eastern European countries have introduced low flat taxes. Estonia, which I'm planning to visit in a couple of weeks' time, introduced a flat tax back in 1994. Others, like Poland, Slovakia and even Russia, have followed suit.

"Even Germany," he writes later ("even"?), " planning to cut its business tax rate by seven per cent." What Osborne mistakes as "the rest of the developed world trying to cut taxes" whilst Britain raises its own is, in fact, a slow convergence on taxation and government spending rates; which rather destroys his argument.