Dead Men Left

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Oona King: slander, but incompetent slander

Saint Oona, speaking in a fawning "interview" last year, on her election contest with George Galloway:

'I hope it doesn't get too dirty,' she says, 'but everyone tells me that with one of the candidates, that's inevitable.' There doesn't seem to be much doubt which one she means.

As documented here, here, and here, this would seem to be a very accurate assessment. We now find this radiant star of the Parliamentary firmament outrageously slandering not just Galloway, but his entire organisation. Respect canvassers, alleges King, have been telling her constituents in Bethnal Green and Bow not to vote for her because she is Jewish.

A terrible allegation. It would be a shameful thing for those in any party to do.

Except Respect hasn't started canvassing Bethnal Green yet.