Dead Men Left

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Oona King: dirty tricks III

Oona King, pro-war MP for anti-war Bethnal Green and Bow, was flattered by an interview in the Observer last November. Speaking of her upcoming contest with George Galloway, this latter-day saint opined:

'I hope it doesn't get too dirty,' she says, 'but everyone tells me that with one of the candidates, that's inevitable.' There doesn't seem to be much doubt which one she means.

How very true. Here's King apologising and forking out money for libelling Galloway, and here she is repeating the libel regardless. Meanwhile, her election agent-cum-personal attack dog, Graham Taylor, is a nasty bit of work who appears to think political position can be judged by facial hair.

Desperation? It certainly seems New Labour are rattled in the East End. Still, if the gutter politics doesn't deliver, there's always the ballot-rigging.