Dead Men Left

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Michael Howard is scum

He really is:

Mr Howard said: "The tragedy of what happened is that Kamel Bourgass, an al-Qaeda operative, should not have been in Britain at all.

"He was one of the quarter of a million failed asylum seekers living in Britain.

"If Mr Blair had delivered the firm but fair immigration controls promised eight years ago, Bourgass wouldn't have been in Britain. He wouldn't have been here free to plot a ricin attack."

Which, by my reckoning, leaves 249,999 people not plotting ricin attacks (without any ricin), including three of the four just acquitted in the same trial. The bastards.

(If getting into the country were easier, there wouldn't be any need for innocent migrants to indulge in subterfuge to come here. Spotting the would-be terrorists, such as they are, and others dependent on false identities would be so much less difficult...but never mind all that wooly liberal nonsense - I spy an Arab! Who's got the rope?)