Dead Men Left

Thursday, March 03, 2005

The number of the Beast

Truly these are the last days:

Plenty of people have things to say about Christian Voice. John Cryer, MP, called them "fundamentalist thugs". The moderator of the United Reformed church calls them "a disgrace".

Their controversial protests against the "blasphemy" of Jerry Springer: The Opera involved publishing the home phone numbers of BBC executives. They also persuaded cancer charity Maggie's Centres to turn down a £3,000 donation from the show, threatening demonstrations.

The heart of his mission is to return Britain to the 1950s. Back then, he says, it was a Christian country. Ever since, it has been turning away from God and sinking into immorality. Mr Green says he can cite 57 laws that have corrupted Britain in that time.

57: can it be any coincidence that this is exactly the same number of varieties of canned produce that godless food manufacturer Heinz boast of?

Who did Gomorrah's Emissary, John F. Kerry, take as devourer of his Satanic seed in a Papist mockery of holy matrimonials?

Oh, ye scarlet Whore of Babylon! Ye tinned snack-food Sodomites! Repent! Repent!