Dead Men Left

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Rod Liddle: "always psychologise"

Mark Elf, evidently a man made of stronger stuff than many of us, has been reading the Spectator, and finds this fresh and steaming turd as laid by one Rod Liddle. Mark is rightly cross at the flagrant Islamophobia on display, but amongst the questionable assertions, Liddle's claim that...

There may, too, have been some of that unconscious anti-Semitism which has historically infested the far Left; many psychoanalysts believe that the Left’s aversion to capitalism is simply a displaced loathing of Jews.

...makes me think

1. Who are these "psychoanalysts" who so readily make the antisemitic equation "Jew=capitalist" to explain the beliefs of others? Come on, Liddle, name and shame; and

2. Anyone whose ex-wife has publicly reported his reliance on Viagra to conduct a long-standing affair with his secretary, shortly after the individual in question was married, and who, when caught out by his newlywed partner, weakly claimed that he was conducting "research" for his recently-published short story collection of extra-marital dalliances - anyone like that should not be quite so keen to psychologise about the rest of us.