Dead Men Left

Saturday, January 15, 2005

He's not a Nazi, he's pig-ignorant overprivileged pile of shit

It's quite possible to be both, of course.

What I hadn't realised is that Harry Windsor had settled on his costume choice for a "natives and colonials" party.

Prince William appeared in a leopard outfit with black leggings... Others donned cowboy boots or stuck feathers in their hair as American indians or swirled a kaffiyeh round their heads.

What are these people on?

And does William Windsor's choice of "native" costume mean he is the more progressive of the two? "Progressive" is a relative term, obviously. In the event of a fascist coup, will we be forced to support William against his alleged half-brother? (Sod that - I'm with the Partisans on this one.)

The other thing that struck me was: how on earth did Windsor track down a Nazi uniform, anyway? But it looks like I've been hanging around the wrong sort of fancy-dress shops:

At Angels Costume Hire in Shaftesbury Avenue, London, staff said colonial parties tended to be popular only among society types. "The Nazi uniform is a frequently-requested costume," said Emma Angel, the shop manager.

At the Party Superstore on Lavender Hill, London, a Nazi costume can be hired for £49; it is a popular choice.

"People dress up as Nazis all the time for various reasons," said Duncan Mundell, the owner, who had some sympathy for Prince Harry. "The poor guy. He's just gone out to a fancy dress party without thinking," he said.

Erm, whoops.