Dead Men Left

Monday, January 10, 2005

Jumping happily on board a runaway bandwagon

Just what is going on? As if living up to Grauniad reader stereotypes, numerous of m'blogging colleagues (this man and this man and even this man amongst them) have decided that Celebrity Big Brother is where it's at for opinionmonging, rubbing up against the proles for their own bit of slumming-it liberal jouissance.

The most shocking thing about this series of Big Brother, by the way, isn't Germaine Greer - of course not; it's the fact it seems about two weeks since Bubbles or Gimpboy or Nadalene or whoever won the last series. We're rapidly moving towards a 24-hr Big Brother society: in a hideous parody of Orwell, Channel 4 will get so desperate for new contestants that they'll take to running press-gangs, shackling hapless victims into the house for their own compulsory 15 minutes of fame with John McCirrick.